1.Adopt high performance 1/2.8” CMOS.

2.Adopt high performance imported dot
matrix large glass lamps and imported
high-speed glass lamp light, to ensure
the IR distance 150m; product life can
reach 30,000 hours.

3.Intelligent infrared control technology
can automatically control the infrared
light according to the environment.
Under the premise of ensuring
monitoring results, it can effectively
enhance the infrared lamp’s life and
ensure the product stability.

4.Constant current circuit design, to
ensure stable operation of the infrared
light. It won’t reduce the infrared
lamp’s life which caused by the
changing of the power supply.

5. Efficient cooling structure, using
physical means heat, which can
effectively reduce the temperature of
the inside dome camera, to prevent the
inner to be fogging, and to ensure the
machine’s stability.


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