• Main Features:1.Support AP hotspot distribution network, scan
    QR code, network cable directly connected to
    Onvif protocol.

    2.Support A-B two-point cruise, preset point
    patrol route, support power-off memory

    3.Support 5x optical zoom, support full-scale
    simultaneous focusing.

    4.Support level 50°/S rotation, vertical 55°/S
    With its own intelligent P2P penetration
    technology, the space is up to 100 meters.

    5.One-click matching, plug and play.
    Built-in high anti-interference microphone and
    speaker function, echo cancellation and noise
    suppression technology, can realize two-way
    voice intercom.

    6.High-efficiency infrared array, low power
    consumption, illumination distance up to 50m.


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